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7 Home Remedies That Can Help With Menstrual Cramps.

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Every woman dreads that time of the month and the various symptoms that come along with all the bleeding do not do anything to help the situation especially the menstrual cramps. The pain is unbearable for most women and one can only take so many pain killers so here are a few home remedies that can relieve menstrual cramps;

  1. HEAT.

Applying heat around the abdomen can help relieve menstrual cramps. The heat relaxes uterine muscles and those adjacent to them. It is these muscles that cause cramps. The heat also helps with blood circulation in the abdomen which can also help reduce pain. You can use a heat patch, heat wrap, or hot water bottle to apply to the abdominal area. Taking a hot shower or hot fluids can also help with the pain.


Taking ginger tea with black pepper can help with menstrual cramps. It helps with the pain by lowering the levels of prostaglandins because the pain is caused by excessive production of prostaglandin from the endometrial tissue. It also helps with making periods regular and also with fatigue and nausea caused by periods. Make sure not to add milk to the tea.


Essential oils have several benefits and relieving menstrual cramps is one of them. You can use essential oils such as clary sage, grape seed oil, and sweet almond oil. Use the essential oil with a carrier oil and massage the specific points with pain such as the abdomen and back.


Sesame oil is rich in linoleic which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  A massage using sesame oil will help relax the pelvic muscles and relieve the cramping pain.


Chamomile tea has Hippurate and glycine compounds that relieve muscle spasms and relax the uterus walls and this can help greatly with cramping pain. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that also relieve cramps. Chamomile tea can also help with mood swings, anxiety, and depression that might come with periods because of its calming properties.


Telling someone with menstrual cramps to exercise to relieve the menstrual cramps may earn you some crazy looks but it works. Exercise helps the body to release endorphins which are a natural pain reliever and can counteract the prostaglandins that cause muscles to contract during menstruation. Avoid strenuous exercises and do light exercises such as yoga, walking, biking, and dancing.


Magnesium relaxes the muscles of the uterus and reduces prostaglandins that are responsible for the pain. You can add food rich in magnesium to your diets such as almonds, black beans, spinach, and yogurt. You can also get magnesium supplements prescribed by a doctor.


Soaking in a warm bath can also help to relieve menstrual cramps. It surrounds your pelvic muscles with the warmth which enables them to relax. You can add some essential oils to the bathwater such as lavender and sage whose fragrances can improve your mood.


These seeds are a popular remedy for menstrual cramps and have anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve period pains. All you need to do is soak them in 12 hours for 12 hours then drink.

10. WATER.

Staying hydrated is very crucial during your period. Water helps with bloating during your period which can also be a cause of pain. The warmer the water the better so that the body can use it immediately without having to heat it.

Menstrual cramps are something the majority of women experience and the above remedies can help provide some relief as you get through that time of the month and give you one less symptom to worry about.

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