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About Us

Bloom For Her is a three in one brand, whose primary aim is to empower and encourage women across the world to chase their dreams and be better versions of themselves. Our body has three major parts; the Blog, Media, and Fitness. That is: Bloom For Her Blog, Bloom For Her Media, Bloom For Her Fitness.

Bloom For Her Blog

started this blog in 2019, but it didn’t go live until September 2020. I blog because it’s a powerful form of expression. And, I also love writing about stuff that helps people solve some problems they face. So I set up a blog that focused on giving advice, tips and other written content along those lines, in the categories: Skin Care, Love and Relationships, Health and Fitness, and Business.
As I wrote, I shared my weight loss experiences on twitter, and other social media platforms, and people got really interested. I shared a little more, till people started asking for my help for their own weight loss journeys. Long story short, I have run two successful 28 day weight loss challenges under Bloom For Her Fitness

Bloom For Her Fitness

This is basically a YouTube channel that focuses on creating video content in the fitness niche. I have grown passionate about living healthy. Believe me, I don’t want to be the girl that was always body shamed and insecure about her body. So yeah, Bloom For Her Fitness focuses on most things fitness and healthy living.

Bloom For Her Media

Also a YouTube channel under the name, Joy Akatukunda Williams, you’re right, that’s me. Being in the online space for over three years now, I have learnt so much about digital marketing and the online opportunity. So this is where I will share most of the things I have learnt. I am hoping they can help people who; don’t enjoy reading blog posts, have a keen interest in building successful online businesses and brands.

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