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Bloom For Her is a women’s lifestyle blog that seeks to inspire, educate and empower young women in Africa, and the world at large.

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Hi, my name is Joy Akatukunda. Of all my passions and talents, writing manifested itself strongly. I’m a writer, digital marketer, social media coach and dancer in the shower. 

When I started this blog, my intention was to share my personal experiences about love, health, fitness, my skin care nightmares and generally other areas of a young woman’s life she’d need to talk to someone about.

I was always too scared to share my fears and worries with other people, but I was gifted with words, so I wrote. Writing made me feel better, it helped me talk about things I normally wouldn’t, without getting judged. 
Soon I realised it wasn’t just me. Many other young women had things they were going through, that they never really shared. From the comments, I could tell I wasn’t the only one who needed this.
So I made it, not just about me, but about other females who were in similar situations. 

Over the past year, I’ve been joined by two other powerful women, Samantha Atuhaire and Denise Kyozira. With similar values and beliefs, we’re working towards making Bloom For Her a place where ambitious, courageous and confident women come to share life changing experiences and opportunities for others.
We hope that our content inspires women to get out of their comfort zones, chase their dreams, and seek to be better at all they do.
Thank you for joining us on this journey, let’s make good memories together!

Bloom For Her Team

Joy Akatukunda

Joy Akatukunda

Founder and blog manager

Joy is a digital marketing manager who runs digital marketing campaigns and programs for different brands in Uganda.

samantha bloom for her

Samantha Atuhaire

Contributor and Editor

Samantha is pursuing a bachelor's degree in International business at Makerere University Business School.

denise bloom for her

Denise Kyozira

Writer and social media manager

Denise is a student of community Psychology at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. She has her own wellness blog, you can read it here

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We love working with other creators, brands, and businesses to create partnerships and collaborations that bring opportunities to our community.

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