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10 Ways To Be Single And Unbothered | Being single and happy

how to be single and happy
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Being single, these days, seems to be so unappealing and a dreaded stage in people’s lives because of the way romantic relationships are glorified everywhere, especially in the media. But truthfully, this is a stage in your life that you should embrace and enjoy just like any other, because it comes with a lot of benefits, new experiences, and insights.

As you embrace being single, you may feel judged and pressured from the outside to hate and dread this stage of your life. In this article I share are 10 ways you can be single and happy while staying unbothered.

  1. Own it

Being single is not the worst thing in the world and it is not a bad thing. It’s nothing to be ashamed of so owning it is an important part of enjoying being single. You cannot realize the benefits of being single if you spend all your time trying desperately not to be single. Find joy in this chapter of your life. Don’t pity yourself and don’t let others pity you. Being single shouldn’t define you.

2. Spend time developing other relationships

As a society, we place a lot of importance on romantic relationships yet other relationships with family and friends can be just as or even more fulfilling. Take this time to nurture and grow the other relationships in your life that matter to you. Go on dates with your friends, buy gifts for your family members, plan fun trips with your family and friends, invest time and effort into these relationships because they are the ones that will be your support system whether you are in a relationship or not.

3. Pursue your passions

So many times, people opt not to pursue certain dreams, goals, and passions because they are in a romantic relationship. And in some cases, this is right because once you are in a relationship you have to make decisions based on how it will affect both of you. Once you are single, your time is yours, and decisions about your life can be made a little more selfishly so use this time to pursue your passions. Take time to start that hobby you have always wanted, take that next step in your career that you have always wanted to take, spend time doing activities you love.

4. Enjoy spending time alone

Enjoying your own company is a good habit to develop. Many people think spending time alone means that they are lonely but it doesn’t. It’s difficult to know who you are without spending time by yourself. So go to dinner alone, go to the movies alone, go shopping alone, enjoy your own company. This will enable you to establish who you are on your own and also if you ever decide to get into a relationship, it’s easy to tell what is for you and what isn’t because you know who you are, what you want, and are not afraid of being alone.

5. Practice self care

Being single can bring about a lot of negative emotions such as anxiety and depression especially for those who have just come out of a relationship. That’s why it’s good to practice self-care to help you enjoy this new stage of your life. Find activities that ground you emotionally, mentally, and physically. You can do yoga, journal, exercise, have a spa day at home, whatever improves your emotional, mental, and physical health as well as lifts your spirits.

6. Be spontaneous

Life can get a little boring for everyone whether you are in a relationship or not and being a little spontaneous is necessary to get you more excited about life. Being single allows you the time and resources to do all the crazy and adventurous things you want to do take an unplanned trip, move to a new country or city, it could be something small or big as long as it is something that you don’t usually do and brings you joy and excitement. This will give you something to look forward to.

7. Become financially responsible

Relationships can get you accustomed to depending on someone else to share financial burdens with and this can make you lazy to get where you need to be with your finances. Being single on the other hand enables you to push yourself and create the life you want for yourself in terms of finances because you aren’t sharing expenses. This enables you to invest in things you know are going to benefit you and to learn skills that will be great for your career and life.

8. Enjoy casual dating

Being single doesn’t mean that you can’t go on dates with people. Once you have embraced being single this means you can go out on dates with people while being open enough about the situation to have fun and be positive. You will look at the dates as a chance at different opportunities such as a chance to make a friend, a chance at a one-night-stand (if you so wish), a chance to meet a business partner, and even a chance at a new relationship but you won’t be so disappointed if it doesn’t lead to that because you have been open and approached the date with an open mind.

9. Don’t over explain yourself

Many people associate being single with something that is unfortunate and will usually think that everyone wants to be in a relationship. Resist the urge to over-explain yourself to such people. Your life is yours to live and only you know how best to live it. So don’t feel bad about your decision to be single and even if it happens unwillingly do not feel bad about this stage of your life. Don’t live your life according to other people’s standards.

10. Maintain a positive and optimistic mindset

Being single doesn’t mean that you will never find love or that you are unlovable. It also doesn’t mean that every relationship will be like your last. I know many people are afraid of being single forever but living life in the past can easily steal your joy and you will end up missing out on the other good things about life. So, practice mindfulness, focus on the present as well as the positive possibilities of the future, and look at your past mistakes and experiences as lessons. Believe that you can be happy and single . It is not impossible.


Being single is something to embrace just like any other stage in your life and should be approached with positivity and enthusiasm and with the above tips you will be able to leave your best single and unbothered life.

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