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6 Powerful Benefits Of A Face Mask

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Face masks are a great way to give your skin a huge boost in a short amount of time. If you need clear skin by the end of the week, or a glow up quickly, skin masks are the best way to go. They can completely transform your skin.

Face masks are your number one weapon if you need fast results and want to keep a healthy skin. In this post we shall cover six benefits of face masks so you know why they are essential in your skin care routine.

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Benefits of Face Masks

1.Face masks give great results

Face masks are the fastest way to see results in your skin. This is because even regular cleaning cannot get off the layers of dirt and oil that naturally build up. It’s like cleaning your house. You can pick up the stuff from the ground, but eventually you will have to mop and vacuum.

Why are they so much more effective? When you wash your face it takes seconds, but 20 minutes can do so much more than anyone would’ve thought.

The ingredients used in masks are meant to deep clean and with a little bit of time to work their magic they can easily clean hard to get, deep in the pores bacteria. Also, they can soak into your skin for long term hydration, so you don’t have to worry about dry or oily skin after a busy day.

Benefits of face masks

Depending on the ingredients, masks can give exponential results in a short amount of time compared to skin washes. It’s all about giving those magic ingredients time to work your skin for a beautiful healthy glow.

2.Face masks are easy

Contrary to popular belief, face masks are super easy to fit into your daily routine. Chances are, you have 20 minutes at least once or twice a week where you can look like a bit of a clown. Make use of those 20 minutes to have rockstar skin afterwards.

I promise, that looking- a- little- silly in the privacy of your home will be totally worth walking around with glowing skin later that people won’t help but ask what your secret to a beautiful skin is.

3.Face masks are inexpensive

Buying face masks from the store can get expensive. Personally, I like homemade masks. Just buying some superpowered ingredients such as Avocado, Cinnamon or turmeric from online or other supplement shops is actually inexpensive and convenient. For example, one of my favorite face masks turns out to be less than a dollar just because I ordered the ingredients myself.

Benefits of wearing a face mask

Plus, making a mask yourself allows you to control the ingredients. There are no worries about chemicals that can potentially damage your skin. Having to choose between quality and your wallet doesn’t have to be a concern at all.

4.Face masks are simple to make

I know a lot of people find DIY skin care to be intimidating, but there’s really no reason for this to be complicated. The best things in life are simple, are they not?

Taking two or three ingredients that have amazing qualities and mixing them is all it takes.

Even better, you just have the ingredients delivered right to your house and start mixing in minutes. Honestly, it takes seconds to whip up a fresh batch and apply your concoction.

5.Face masks are effortless

The ingredients are delivered to your door, they take seconds to mix (and there is no precision), and you have 20 minutes to yourself. Just because you have the mask on doesn’t mean your day has to take a pause.

You have 20 minutes to work on whatever you want. You can start your day, read a chapter or two of your favorite book, or catch up on that awesome new show you just found. Face masks are effortless to incorporate into your routines and they don’t inhibit what you can do, except maybe, going outside.

Benefits of face masks

Also, you only need a face mask about once or twice a week. With that in mind there is absolutely no reason not to take care of your skin. This just proves that putting yourself first doesn’t always mean giving up or neglecting other parts of your life. It just puts more of the focus on your own wellbeing.

6.Clear and glowing skin makes you feel good

Another powerful benefit of face masks is their ability to give clear skin. Clear skin oozes confidence. Any girl knows that. Hiding behind layers of makeup and subconsciously brushing your fingers against a pimple is not the best way to start off a day. Clear skin is an easy way to feel like you are on top of the world, ready to conquer anything your day brings.

I’m also sure you’ve noticed whenever you do something for yourself you feel amazing. Your self esteem is enhanced.. Self-care boosts your mood, confidence, and productivity. After all, when you feel good about yourself, you are sure to be more positive about other events in your life.


Making your own face masks is the fastest way to gain healthy glowing skin that will make you feel amazing. They give you astonishing results, are simple to mix yourself, inexpensive, easily fit into your routine, and make you feel like a conqueror. This week be sure to put in 5 minutes to treat yourself with some goodness. Your skin is always ready for an impromptu night out.

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About The Author: Christine Lepkowski is a lifestyle blogger and founder of Hi. I’m Christy
I created my blog, Living With Christy, to share natural solutions to 
health, beauty, and fitness.  I’ve found so many people struggle with 
maintaining their health and stress, which is why my passion is finding 
ways to build sustainable habits and lifestyle choices that help people 
feel comfortable with themselves and where their life is going. I 
believe taking slow and comfortable steps to push yourself towards real 
change is the secret that will keep you young for years to come.

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