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7 Free Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps

7 best apps for editing Instagram photos
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If you want to grow your Instagram following and establish yourself as a brand, you must put your best foot forward. With over 1 billion monthly active users, you’ll need to be more creative and put in more work to stand out and achieve the recognition you deserve. Your photos and videos must stand out and arouse strong feelings or emotions from the viewer.

Fortunately, there are numerous tools available to assist you in doing so. In today’s article, we’ll show you how to edit Instagram images like an expert using these free apps. Let’s get started without wasting any more time.

Here are the 7 best Instagram photo editing apps

  1. VSCO
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This is the most popular, stands for Visual Supply Company, and allows users to take photos and edit them with preset filters and tools. Photos can be imported from the camera roll as well and edited. This app has a toolkit feature that guides one to make any adjustments to a photo, skin tone, sharpness, contrast, and filter choices. VSCO is available on both Android and IOS, you have no excuse not to dig in right now and create!

  1. Prequel
2Q== - Bloom For Her

Prequel is one of the best Instagram photo editing apps out there. It has some of the best editing effects and the highest number of free presets for photo editing. Some of the best and most used presets include; Cinema, Disco, VHS, Miami, Lomo, Film, and many others. Its presets turn your photos from basic to influencer standard pictures. You have to try this one; I promise you’ll love it.

  1. Adobe LightRoom
9k= - Bloom For Her

The name says it all. What is a perfect Instagram picture without good lighting? The editing functions on this specific app are white balance, tone, detail, lens correction, spot removal, red-eye correction (this is a common one for pictures taken during the night). Anything can be adjusted once you have the right tools. 

  1. Snapseed
- Bloom For Her

So many options for the right picture. Snapseed is known to have the best color effects. Want to make your yellow tank top look blue, it is very possible (you can see the transformation in the picture above). This app edits out unwanted backgrounds as well. Download it today and start making magic.

  1. PicCollage
Z - Bloom For Her

Collages are sweet and cute if creatively done and they will definitely make your Instagram feed more attractive. PicCollage is a fun layout editor and will enable you to customize colorful collages and mood boards. A mood board is a visual presentation comprising images, and text about a topic of your choice to describe a feeling. A Mood board is a great content idea for your birthday, and PicCollage is there to give you the best. 

  1. Touch Retouch
Z - Bloom For Her

Have you ever taken that photo? I mean, the one that has the potential to bring your ex crying in your DMs, but there are ugly objects in it. What happens if the background is shabby? Your towel is peeking, or that ugly sweater you don’t want anyone to know about is visible. Touch Retouch is here to make sure your Instagram photos look amazing by removing an unwanted object from the background. Well, you’re in luck, because it’s easy to use and very convenient. 

  1. Foodie
2Q== - Bloom For Her

Foodie is your go-to app if your content creation is all about food. Are you a food blogger or vlogger? Foodie is an app dedicated to taking mouth-watering pictures of food. Let your feed cause cravings. People love looking at food, I mean, who does not like food, to begin with? Take food photography to another level by downloading Foodie, available on both Android and IOS. 


There are numerous elements that must be combined in order to level up your Instagram account, and one of the most significant is photo editing. The good news is that you can edit a photo with many apps, so there are no limitations. 

Go ahead and share that picture as long as you like the result. If you’re not sure about the edit, get some feedback from a friend and keep trying until you have the right shot. Happy Instagramming!

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