From Anxiety Management Activity To A Growing Business – Goldie’s Cake In A Cup Thrives

goldies cake in a cup

It’s sad that we live in a world where there are so many around us, knowing so little about us. When Phionah started baking, she was at the lowest point of her life. Depressed, often struck with anxiety and overwhelming emotions. If you have been there, you can relate.

Phionah knew she didn’t want this phase of her life to be the downfall of everything she had ever dreamed and hoped for, a good life. She went exploring the internet for ways to deal with stress and depression. On YouTube, she found a video that suggested trying different activities, and that’s where baking caught her attention.

5 Businesses You Can Start With No Money In Uganda

five businesses you can start with no money in uganda

There are certain skills and talents you might possess, but rarely think of as money-making ideas. You have had them all your life and they have become a normal thing; you don’t even cherish them that much.

Because of this normalcy, you have disregarded the fact that not everyone has these skills and that you could make a living out of teaching or sharing your skills and talents with the world.