How To Help Someone In An Abusive Relationship

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There are many women everywhere in abusive relationships that are facing physical, emotional, and mental abuse from their partners. You might have friends, family, workmates or even just people that you know are victims of abuse and you want to help them but you don’t know how. Abuse can be a very sensitive subject to bring up and talk about but at the same time, something must be done because women lose their lives to abuse every day. Today we are going to share a few ways you can help and be there for someone in an abusive relationship.

How To Make A Good Impression On A First Date

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So your crush at work has finally asked you out on a date and you have said yes, or you have finally gathered the courage to go beyond liking that hot and funny guys’ tweets and finally asked him on a date and he has said yes. Now you are panicking about what to do, what to wear, and what to talk about. Relax, we know all about first date jitters and we are here to help you make a good impression so that the first date turns into many more dates. here to help you make a good impression so that the first date turns into many more dates.

8 Secrets On How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

how to make a long distance relationship work

Long-distance relationships have never had a good reputation. I mean, we all know the long-standing joke of how long-distance relationships only work “if the four of you are happy” implying that a long-distance relationship can’t survive without cheating.

10 Ways To Be Single And Unbothered | Being single and happy

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Being single, these days, seems to be so unappealing and a dreaded stage in people’s lives because of the way romantic relationships are glorified everywhere, especially in the media. But truthfully, this is a stage in your life that you should embrace and enjoy just like any other, because it comes with a lot of benefits, new experiences, and insights.

59 Questions To Get To Know Someone Better – Bloom For Her

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Many times we meet people who could be potential friends, romantic partners, or even business partners but for the relationship to graduate to any of these stages, you need to know more about the individuals you meet.

When you first meet these people you may not know what to say or ask. In this article I share some questions that you can ask to get to know someone better.

Manifestations of love – The List Of Love

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I recently experienced a heart break. It’s definitely not my first. You’d think it would hurt less, but no, still hurts like every other heart break. But I believe, with each heart break, either comes more coldness, maturity or lessons.

10 Important Conversations Couples In Serious Relationships Must Have

10 important conversations couples in serious relationships must have

Once the relationship gets serious and the lovey dovey phase is over, some difficult conversations must be had about different aspects of both your lives.

 Though some of these conversations are difficult, it is important they are had as early as possible to prevent getting caught up with someone with whom you are not compatible. It also helps you to find out if there are differences between you that are too great to be overlooked. 

9 Important Things To Know Before Trying Online Dating – Online Dating Tips For Beginners

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Dating online is tricky, but now, with the pandemic, not only is it popular but it might be the safest way to meet new people and make connections.

It can be daunting to try out online dating for the first time, and that’s why we’re here today, to give you a few tips and make the process easy to go about. Here are 9 things to know before you try online dating….

12 Best Free Online Dating Sites And Apps For Singles in 2021 | Bloom For Her

12 best online dating sites and apps

With increased use of the internet and people’s constant busy schedules online dating is becoming quite
popular. There are many online dating apps and websites on the market that it’s almost
overwhelming for many people who are new to the online dating world. So, today we look at
some of the best online dating apps and websites out there.