7 Simple Exercises To Keep Your Brain Active

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Many of us are very aware of the need to exercise our bodies and keep them in the healthiest shape possible but very few of us are aware that our brains require the same. The brain is a muscle just like all our body muscles so it needs to be strengthened through simple exercises that can help with memory, concentration as well as other cognitive functions. Here are a few exercises you can do to keep your brain active;

Day 28: The 28 Day Workout Challenge – The End

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Today I’m going to be sharing some stories from some from of the people on my team. I’m going to be sharing their success and progress that they have achieved throughout this 28 day workout challenge.

Day 27: The 28 Day Workout Challenge –

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It’s the second last day of the 28 day workout challenge. Must feel nice? Yes it does! From my team’s point of view, I’m sure they’re feeling like, “Finally, I don’t have to experience this muscle pain again.”

Day 26: The 28 Day Workout Challenge – 2 Days To Go

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Can you believe this? We are only two days away from completing the 28 day challenge. This is so amazing! On the other hand, I’ve been emotional this entire week because I feel like something beautiful is coming to an end.

Day 25: The 28 Day Workout – 3 Days To Go

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We are almost at the end of our 28 day challenge and all I can say is, it’s been a journey of many lessons. We have learnt new things about our bodies, our eating habits and how to adapt to the new changes .

Day 5 : The 28 Day Workout Challenge- First Abs Day

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I don’t know what it is about Abs days but they always get me super excited. I guess it’s the sensation of the heat (of course that can only mean we’re burning those calories) in your lower tummy and chest, and the feeling of your belly muscles get stronger and firmer.

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