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10 Awesome Gym Instagram Story Ideas To Boost Your Engagement

instagram story ideas
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Over 500 million users view stories each day. 

If you look at the interactions on your Instagram feed and Instagram stories, you’ll see that your audience watches your stories more than your feed posts.

That means you should put more effort into creating Instagram stories that encourage people to take desired actions, like; signing up for your offers, visiting your affiliate link, or engaging with you via direct message.

Instagram Stories Size

It’s vital to keep in mind that Instagram Stories are different in size from feed posts when you’re planning your Insta-stories content. The ideal size for feed posts is 1080 by 1080 pixels (or a 1:1 aspect ratio), whereas the suggested size for Instagram stories is 1080 by 1920 pixels (or an aspect ratio of 9:16).

If Instagram wants anything, it would be for you to keep users on the platform for as long as you can. If you can pull it off, the algorithm will like you and start promoting your account to more users, which will lead to your Instagram growth.

However, you need to use Instagram stories with the right strategy and call to actions in order to make them work for your brand. 

Gym Instagram story ideas
Hubspot Blog

Here are ten awesome gym Instagram story ideas to try today.

  1. Before and after photos

If your audience knows your backstory, they will adore you even more. Sharing photos of your transformation encourages your story viewers to believe that it is attainable for them as well. We all enjoy seeing something with which we can connect. It will be easier to create ties with your audience and hence, gain loyal fans if they can relate to you

gym instagram story ideas

2. Ask Me Anything

Once a week, set aside one hour of your day to conduct a question and answer session.

Allow people to ask you questions about your routine, fitness journey, or personal details by using the question sticker. This is a fantastic way to show off your personality.

3. Share your fitness secrets 

Is there a common comment or query about a certain workout? Make a list of these and shoot a video offering your finest ideas, or put them directly into the story text.

gym instagram story ideas
Share tips with your audience
  1. Share your affiliate link with others.

There’s a good chance that someone may inquire about your training attire, shoes, or gym equipment. If you have an affiliate partnership with the brand(s), you can take this opportunity to make money by disclosing where you buy from.

  1. Use the ‘add yours’ sticker.

This sticker is a great way to start a trend and get a lot of people to check out your Instagram account. This can be used to post things like your treadmill results, gym clothing, or lunch, and encourage others to share theirs. 

instagram story ideas
‘Add Yours’ Sticker
  1. Begin a challenge and track your progress on a daily basis.

Workout challenges have the potential to significantly increase your engagement. You can start one on your own and take your audience on a journey with you, or you can organize a challenge with your community and award prizes to the best performers at the end of the challenge.

  1. Showcase client achievements

Do you assist others in achieving their fitness goals? Showing your clients’ results builds trust with others, which could lead to more customers signing up. Another strategy to spread the word about your work is to have your clients record video testimonials that you can share with your audience.

instagram story ideas

8. Daily Routines

Show your audience how you start or end your day. The best examples are morning workout routines and night skincare routines. Some people also showcase their daily ‘getting ready for work’ or ‘walking my dog’ routines.

People love stories because they don’t require a lot of preparation like feed photos and videos. Stories are more real and people love to see reality.

9. Weekly series

Consistency is key. I know you’ve heard that a million times but it’s not about to change. Adopt a weekly series you can share with your audience each week.

It can be about anything, trust me anything. You might ask, who will listen to me?

Believe me, there is always someone watching. I almost gave up my blog at some point, because I thought no one read it until an amazing person told me how much they loved my work and how much inspired them.

Your weekly series can be under these already famous hashtags;


#TwoThingsTuesday or #TipTuesday

#WomanCrushWednesday (Yes, WCW is still a thing)




#SocialSunday and so on.

You can pick inspiration from these hashtags and find something to talk about at least one day of the week. When people notice you do it every Wednesday at 6 pm, they will wait to hear from you each week.

10. Music feature

Spice up your stories with a lovely soundtrack in the background.

You can upload a snippet of your day’s workout and add some music to make it even better. We all know music has the power to lighten our days, and most of us have playlists full of songs we first heard on social media.

Adding music to your stories also prompts people to message you with texts like, “I love this song,” or “This is a workout got better with the.”

How to add music to Instagram stories

  • To add music to your Instagram story, click the + button in the right corner of your Instagram profile page then select story.
  • Click the sticker icon at the top of the screen to reveal a list of stickers,
  • Tap music and choose from the songs displayed on your screen, or enter a song title into the ‘search music’ bar to find the song you want.

Fitness Instagram Story Templates

When you don’t have the necessary tools or skillset, creating social media content might be difficult. Canva is a free, beginner-friendly design tool you can use for your Instagram stories, which is excellent for you if you have no design background.

You can design pretty much anything in there. Canva has already created templates that you may use to save time. Simply change the templates with your company’s colors, logo, and fonts, and you’re set to go.

Do you want to show up on Instagram stories with confidence? You’ve come to the right place. You may choose from thousands of fitness Instagram story templates for your content thanks to Canva. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

To edit any of these images in Canva, simply click here. 


There are so many ways to connect with people using Instagram stories. I hope these ideas help you increase your engagement on Instagram stories.

But remember to be yourself, and treat your followers like actual people, because they are real people.

Answer their questions, reply to the comments, and help with their problems if you can. It’s important to build genuine relationships and trust. That’s the foundation for long-term growth.

If you enjoyed this article, leave us a comment below and share with us which IG story idea you loved the most.

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