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Day 17: The 28 Day Workout Challenge-Work That Full Body

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I’ll never be able to stress how much I don’t like Burpees. The exercises we did today included Burpees and on seeing them, I knew I was in for it. Why do they have to be so hard? By the end of eight Burpees I’m really struggling to catch my breath.

But I can’t get rid of them because I know they work my thighs, core, and arms. Burpees give a good full body workout abs hence aid overall body fat loss. So, it seems I’m stuck with them(sighs).

It’s day 17 and we did full body exercises which included;

1. Jumping jacks 30s

2. Side hops 30s

3. Mountains climbers x14

4. Burpees x8

5. Wall push ups x16

6. Russian twist 16

7. Side lying leg lift left x14

8. Side lying leg lift right x14

9. Plank 45s

10. Skipping without rope 30s

11. Mountain climbers x12

12. Burpees x6

13. Wall push ups x14

14. Russian twist x14

15. Side lying leg lift left x12

16. Side lying leg lift right x12

17. Cobra stretch 30s

18. Child’s pose 30s

19. Lying butterfly stretch 60s

Here’s what we ate:

⁃ Two glasses of lukewarm lemon/turmeric water before breakfast

⁃ Breakfast: Green tea

⁃ Lunch:4 boiled potatoes

⁃ Dinner: 2 bananas + 2 glasses of water

⁃ Team members are encouraged to eat a fruit between meals if they feel super hungry

⁃ Taking a glass of water every two hours

And that was how day 17 went.

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2 Responses

  1. Great article! 10/10 workout.

    I have to agree that burpees are so tiring! Gotta do what you gotta do though. I think I saw a quote somewhere saying something along the lines of “be scared of someone who does burpees for fun.”

    1. Who does burpees for fun? They are so hard for me. But of course, you can’t skip. Thanks Christine for the lovely comment!

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