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Day 18: The 28 Day Workout Challenge- 10 Days To Go

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It’s day 18 of the #28dayworkoutchallenge and as expected, some people have given up. Some people have lost hope and they feel like they cannot do this. But I am really so grateful and so proud of everyone that is still on this journey of transformation .

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I know, I know it’s not easy. I know it’s it’s a journey of self discovery, understanding your body, what you eat, how your body reacts to certain foods or pressure that is exerted by the different workouts.

It’s journey of new beginnings and I’m really proud that I’ve made it this far and I’m so proud of the guys who have made it to day 18. We’re going on strong and we are going to finish this challenge and I promise you we are going to present to you results that will shock you all.

I mean, it is really amazing how much progress you can achieve in just 28 days if you are focused and determined.

So let’s just go ahead and show you the exercises we did for today:

1. High stepping 30s

2. Side hop 30s

3. Standing bicycle crunches x16

4. Squats x16

5. Donkey kicks left x16

6. Donkey kicks right x16

7. Claps over heard x16

8. Clapping crunches x14

9. Plank 50s

10. Butt kicks 30s

11. Standing bicycle crunches x14

12. Squats x14

13. Donkey kicks left x14

14. Donkey kicks right x14

15. Claps over heard x14

16. Clapping crunches x12

17. Cobra stretch 30s

18. Child’s pose 30s

19. Knee to chest stretch left 30s

20. Knee to chest stretch right 30s

Our diet plan included:

⁃ Two glasses of lukewarm lemon/turmeric water before breakfast

⁃ Breakfast: Plain yoghurt

⁃ Lunch: Peas + 2 chops of boiled cassava

⁃ Dinner: 2 apples + 2 glasses of water

⁃ Team members are encouraged to eat a fruit between meals if they feel super hungry

⁃ Taking a glass of water every two hours

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Joy Akatukunda

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