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From Anxiety Management Activity To A Growing Business – Goldie’s Cake In A Cup Thrives

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It’s sad that we live in a world where there are so many around us, knowing so little about us. When Phionah started baking, she was at the lowest point of her life. Depressed, often struck with anxiety and overwhelming emotions. If you have been there, you can relate. 

Phionah knew she didn’t want this phase of her life to be the downfall of everything she had ever dreamed and hoped for, a good life. She went exploring the internet for ways to deal with stress and depression. On YouTube, she found a video that suggested trying different activities, and that’s where baking caught her attention. 

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With the help of these Do It Yourself (DIY) videos, Phionah took her time and learnt the basics of baking. She never meant to become a confectioner, she was just another person trying to deal with depression. It never crossed her mind that a small idea like this, would later turn into a source of income. 

In December 2019, after receiving feedback from many of her friends about her cakes, she invested some money into baking and started a business. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit early 2020, and she had to put the business on hold since the country was on a total lockdown for several months. 

She’d later resume business in April 2021, after stabilizing. Phionah consulted with one of her friends, Mwiza Sophie, a social media influencer, about the best way to rebuild her business. Sophie suggested marketing on twitter as a lucrative option, since she herself had tested the online marketing business. 

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But then, one more thing was lacking. Phionah didn’t have a business name yet. The first place all entrepreneurs usually look when crafting a business name, is their own names. She thought about adding her name to the business branding, but she didn’t quite like it. Then it clicked. Her son, Goldie, a huge lover of cake, inspired the business name. 

With a great plan and a determined mind, Goldie’s Cakes took form. Being a new business, Phionah came up with a way in which she could still put a smile on people’s faces with her cakes, even when someone was not ordering for a big cake. 

IMG 0183 - Bloom For Her

The cups entered the picture. When I saw these cups on twitter, I was sure I’d order mine the next week. Cake is one of my favorite things on the planet. Phionah sent me a cup, and I fell in love. From the packaging, branding, to the cake itself, I was impressed. I couldn’t wait to take out my first dig out.

The small slices of fruits she places on top of the cream make the cake look even more delicious. I ate the cherry first, so I could make room for my spoon to reach down and scoop me some of the dark contents of my cup. 

It was soft and delicate in my mouth. Phionah’s Black Forest cake is amazing. It didn’t have as much sugar as the others I’d eaten, and that was a great sign. I mean, cake is good, but you can’t have too much of it at once, because it usually contains a lot of sugar. 

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The cups come in three flavors for now; Black Forest, Red Velvet and Chocolate. A cup goes for only Ush 13,000 and two cups for Ush 25000. Her big cakes start from Ush 70,000 upwards, depending on the size and design concept. Phionah’s dream is to see Goldie’s Cakes become one of the biggest cake businesses in Uganda in the next five years.

I like to believe that a world where opportunities will be handed to you is long gone. Be open-minded, be smart and be courageous enough to create your own opportunities. I hope Phionah’s story encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and change your life. 

You can reach Goldie’s Cakes through WhatsApp on +256783823329 or call +256754348878, or follow on; Facebook Goldie’s Cakes Ug, Twitter @Goldiescakes  

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