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How To Make A Good First Impression On First Date

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So, your crush at work has finally asked you out on a date and you have said yes. Or you have finally gathered the courage to go beyond liking that hot guy’s Instagram photos, asked him on a date, and he said yes.

You’re probably panicking about what to do, what to wear, and what to talk about. Relax! We know all about first date jitters and we’re here to help you make a good first impression so that the first date turns into many more dates.

good first impression on first date

How to make a good first impression on first date

  1. Pick an interesting activity and a nice place

If you’re the one picking where and what to do for the date, make sure to pick something fun. First dates are usually nerve-racking for both people so starting it off with a fun light-hearted activity will help both of you loosen up and make the date more interesting.

You can also pick a nice restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere that can enable you and your date to get to know each other in a comfortable environment.

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  1. Dress Well

Dressing well doesn’t mean arriving in a ball gown unless of course, the date requires that. Dressing well is looking put together, well kept, and smelling good, of course!

Dress for the activity and place so that you don’t feel uncomfortable and out of place. When you look good, you feel good. 

  1. Be Punctual

You must show your date that you respect their time. Make sure to arrive on time or even a few minutes early. As you prepare for your date, take into account things like traffic and any other inconveniences so that you ‘re not caught late. In case you happen to be running late, remember you must communicate earlier and let your date know. 

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  1. Show interest in your date

It’s important that your date feels like you want to be there and want to get to know them. Avoid talking about yourself the entire time. Ask questions but make sure not to make them feel interrogated.

Talk about different things. Don’t confine yourself to only certain topics. And make sure that they are comfortable discussing certain sensitive topics. In case they aren’t, don’t push, it’s just the first date. 

  1. Be kind and polite to those waiting on you

The waiter may be slow, spill something, or mix up your order but that doesn’t require you to be rude. The way someone treats people offering them a service says a lot about them.

Be polite and understand that these people are at work, and just like anyone else they make mistakes. You can ask for your order to be taken back politely without causing a scene.

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  1. Be Confident

Confidence is attractive. Walk in with your head held high, don’t talk down on yourself, accept compliments. Make eye contact with your date to show you are engaged and most importantly be yourself.

You don’t need to put up an act for someone to like you, they will probably see through it, and even if they don’t, you can’t make a sustainable connection by being fake.

  1. Focus on having a good time and being positive

I know first dates can be nerve-racking but try to relax. Don’t take yourself or the date too seriously. Keep an open mind.

Be present during your date and for whatever activity you’ve planned on doing, don’t put unnecessary pressure on your date or expect everything about the date to be perfect. 

fraser cottrell I3KHqMW0At4 unsplash - Bloom For Her
  1. Pay The Bill

This depends on both of you. Your date may not mind paying or splitting the bill. I however feel that if you are the one that asked them out, you should pay for the first date.

This will show initiative and make them feel special. If you’re the one that asked them out first but cannot afford to pay for the both of you, it’s best that you communicate to them earlier before the day of the date or find a cheaper first date option. There are plenty of affordable romantic first-date ideas.


The first date is so important especially if you already like someone. It can completely put them off or make them pick interest in you. Look at the first date as your one shot and use the above tips to make it count.

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