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Guide To Traveling In Uganda After Lockdown

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The Uganda Wildlife Authority on 3rd September, 2020 reopened all national parks in Uganda for tourism once again. This came after a five month lockdown that was put in place to curb the spread of Covid-19.

As the country re-gears up for tourism, here is what you need to know to avoid your fun-filled trip from being cut short:

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Image By Julie Ricard/unsplashed

  1. Carry and wear your mask whenever you are visiting any park.
  2. Keep a hand sanitizer with you at all times.
  3. Travel light. Do not carry things you might not need for the trip.
  4. Make sure to observe social distance
  5. Last but not least, follow all the guidelines put in place by the Ministry of Health and other presidential directives.

The goal is to see the Pearl of Africa and have fun while still keeping safe. So make sure to follow all the rules you’ll be given as you arrive at your tour destination.

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