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5 Habits Of Women With Great Skin – Bloom For Her

habits of women with great skin
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It’s true what they say, if you start something and practice it for 21 days, then eventually, it becomes a habit. If you were asked to define beautiful skin, your answer wouldn’t be the same as your bestie’s.  Want to know why? Because we are all different and uniquely made. Our standards of beauty differ and that makes life what it is.

In my opinion, beautiful skin is one you don’t dread, and are proud of. It makes you feel beautiful and confident. Wonder how the women whose skin you admire manage to pull that off consistently throughout the year?

It’s not luck, there are specific things women with beautiful skin do everyday. Here are five habits of women with great skin you need to know;

  1. Women with beautiful skin keep their hands off their faces.

The hands carry the most germs because we are naturally touchy as human beings from our partner’s hand, to the driving wheel and let us not get started on our phones and computer keyboards.

Our skin irritations occur from the bacteria and germs that come from our hands. Don’t touch your face for a week and watch the results. It is a hectic habit to fight but it can be fought darling, put those hands on your face only after washing them clean.

2. Stay hydrated every day.

Drink your water Queens! This is the message that is thrown all over our social media daily but I know people who don’t believe in it or imagine themselves visiting the toilet more than usual after drinking water. Whenever you drink water, make your mind believe that it is kind of washing the inside of your skin and cleansing or clearing it. That feeling alone should motivate you.

3. Never go to bed with make-up on.

Was it a wild night out? No matter how exhausting any event was for you, never sleep with all those layers of make-up on. It looks like an “at the moment” choice but the consequences in the morning will not be pretty. Wipe, cleanse and remove that make-up before your head hits the pillow.

4. Eat healthily.

Women with beautiful skin don’t binge on junk food. Stress or not stressed, this should not be your comfort food if your goal is to have beautiful, glowing skin. Fries and burgers are good but not for every day’s lunch. Cut up some of your favorite fruit whenever you are tempted to place that order and nourish our beautiful skin.

5. Minimize stress and get beauty sleep. 

No matter what you do, no matter how heavy your schedule is, always prioritize sleep. Not only for a properly functioning mind but beautiful skin as well. Sleeping prevents wrinkles at an early age, the puffy eyes we are trying to normalize in this modern-day era.

Eliminate the stress factors and make your mental well-being and skincare a priority. Practice intentional rest, switch off your phone if you must to get that adequate beauty sleep, Twitter is not disappearing overnight, and you can always catch up at sunrise!  Remember to rest your face on a clean pillowcase.


Everyone desires to have beautiful skin, free from pimples and blackheads, and other skin complications. But you have to keep in mind that good things are earned, that means, a little effort has to be put in.

If you adopt some or all of these habits, and stay away from acne causing situations, you’ll be well on your way to a skin you’re confident to show. Remember, consistency is key.

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