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Day 5 : The 28 Day Workout Challenge- First Abs Day

I don’t know what it is about Abs days but they always get me super excited. I guess it’s the sensation of the heat (of course that can only mean we’re burning those calories) in your lower tummy and chest, and the feeling of your belly muscles get stronger and firmer.

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Day 4: The 28 Day Workout Challenge- Rest Day

Today was super awesome, I should say. Especially for my team. Why? Because day 4 is rest day. They were dying. Their muscles were crying out for this rest and they got it. They were overjoyed when I said it was rest day, I could feel it.

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Day 3: The 28 Day Workout Challenge – The Black Forest Cake Saga

As the day went, things got a bit complicated. Gracia sent a picture of a Black Forest cake to the group and we all went crazy. She was actually sitting right there confused and disturbed. A huge piece of cake was before her, screaming her name “Gracia, Gracia eat me please. I’m dying to make your taste buds tingle.”

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