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How To Move On After A Breakup

how to move on after a breakup
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Like many other things in life, relationships don’t last as long as we’d like them to.

Accepting the fact that a relationship is over can be difficult, which makes it harder to move on after a breakup.

You still see your partner whenever you pass by that restaurant you used to frequent as a couple. The love songs on your playlist remind you of the happy moments you shared. Everything in your house brings back so many memories.

The sad part is, even when your mind seems to be exploding, you have day-to-day obligations you must attend to. You have to keep going to work or school and carry on with your life.

It’s a tough period to endure. I’m writing to you today in the hopes that these tips will make the transition easier.

5 Tips To Help You Move On After A Breakup

  1. Feel the feels 

Spend some time grieving and allow yourself to feel your emotions.

Grieve what was, what could have been, all the good moments that were, and even recall the bad times, but don’t push your feelings aside or deny them.

There is a hole because someone who was once a part of your life has left, and it’s okay to feel sad, angry, regretful, humiliated, and even miss them.

All of these feelings are normal to experience, and once you’ve accepted that they exist, it will be simpler to deal with them.

2. Accept it.

Accepting that a relationship has ended is a crucial step in moving on.

Recognize the relationship for what it was. Yes, it’s normal to reflect on the past and value happy memories, but it’s also important to recall the unpleasant moments and the events that contributed to the split.

I understand how simple it is to wish your ex would call and beg you to take them back.

However, there is a reason why things are the way they are, so it is best to embrace it and see it for what it is.

3. Reflect on the relationship

Another step you can take to move on is to reflect on the relationship. You can probably see it for what it was now that you are no longer in it.

Because nobody is flawless, evaluate your part in how it might have ended and consider your ex’s as well.

This may create a feeling of gratitude and clarity which will help you accept responsibility for your part in what happened, appreciate the lessons it taught you, acknowledge where you’re at, and discover a way forward.

4. Focus on yourself

move on after a breakup

Another thing to help you move on after a breakup is taking some time off to focus only on you.

Get back into the activities you once enjoyed but probably neglected while you were dating.

Enjoy yourself, rediscover who you are, and you might be shocked at how much relationships can alter a person.

Spend time cultivating your relationships with friends and family. Travel or perhaps concentrate more on your work or studies. Simply return to your life and begin living it.

5. Ask For Help

You should never feel ashamed to ask for help after your relationship ends.

Don’t be scared to tell your trusted friends and family members that you’re struggling to cope.

Lean on them, allow them to hold you, distract you, weep and laugh with you, and just let them show you love as you go through this trying period.


It can be stressful and seem like everything is crumbling when a relationship ends.

I genuinely hope that these tips will help you as you start along the path of healing.

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