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How To Set Fitness And Diet Goals

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We have all at one point in our lives or many points for some of us, set fitness and diet goals at the beginning of the year, month, or week. At the moment as we make these goals we are filled with motivation, we feel like we can achieve these goals within the ridiculous time we have set for ourselves even though we have not done a single workout in months or eaten fruit in a while. Of course later on as you try to achieve these goals you realize how hard it is and then start to feel terrible about yourself for failing. The issue for many of us isn’t that we have decided to make a change in regards to our fitness and diet, that is commendable and you should be proud of yourself, it’s the goals we are setting for ourselves that are the problem. Your goals are your guide to what you want to achieve. And it is not about setting just any goals, they must be healthy goals that take into account your limits, capabilities and are tailored to you as a  person and your lifestyle. So before you even get on to that treadmill get out your notepad and let’s help you set healthy goals.

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  1.  Make your goals your own

Your goals need to be based on what you want to achieve and what is realistic for you. I know you may scroll through your social media and see that some fitness influencer is doing some intense workout challenge but before you add this to your goals ask yourself if this is what you want for yourself and if it’s in line with your current capabilities. One person’s goal may be to lose weight and yours may be to increase your strength or strengthen your lungs and heart through cardio. What matters is that you understand that your fitness journey is different and that’s is okay. Set goals that fit your journey and you will get you to your destination.

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  1. Come up with a fitness or diet plan

So yes you have set these goals that are specific to you as a person, what’s next? Turning them into reality and that can’t be done without a plan. How do you expect to reach these goals? You want to be able to do 50 push-ups by the end of the month so what’s your plan to get there? Maybe do 10push ups or 20 push-ups every day as you build your strength. You want to eat healthier, maybe do meal preps and pack a healthy lunch from home. Come up with daily weekly and monthly steps that are going to get you to your goals.

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  1. Make your goals measurable, achievable, and time-bound

Your goals need to be measurable specific and time-bound because this will make it easier for you to keep track of your progress and evaluate yourself.  It also makes it easier to adjust your goals according to your abilities in case you need to make them more realistic and achievable. Adding a time frame not only keeps you on track but also motivates you and besides are the goals if they have no time frame. Let go of those vague goals that have you stuck in the same place and make smart measurable goals.

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  1. Break down your big goal into micro-goals

Make micro- goals from your larger goal. These small goals will give you the confidence boost you need as you try to get to the main goal. Trying to get healthy and embarking on your fitness journey can be hard and many can attest to that fact they have wanted to give up along the way so have micro-goals that you can strive to heat within a short time for example daily, weekly, bi-weekly can help keep you going when things get difficult.

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  1. Understand what is driving your goals

It is good to know the actual reason behind your fitness and diet goals since these are what is going to be driving you. Your reasons need to be healthy, genuine, and all about you. Your goals should not be based on the fact that you want to impress other people or get revenge for being bullied about the way you look. We all have insecurities, fears, and body image issues but if you do not deal with these on their own and they become the sole reason behind your goals, you will soon realize that even after reaching these goals you still have to deal with your insecurities.

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  1. Be honest with yourself

If you are new to fitness and eating healthy you need to be honest with yourself about that as you set your goals. Be honest about your total capabilities and set goals according to that. There is no shame in realizing and admitting where you are on your fitness journey even if you have barely started. You cannot go from not doing any exercise at all to running a 10K in a week. Failing to be honest with yourself as you set your goals will have you demotivated and frustrated. 

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  1. Be flexible with your goals

Your goals should not be a death sentence. Allow yourself to make necessary adjustments. Set goals that you think you can achieve and along the way as you get to understand your capabilities alter them. 

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  1. Have a  good support system

Goals are much easier to achieve when you have a good support system cheering you on and keeping you accountable. Get people in your corner that will be rooting for you all the way. Could be a gym buddy that you can go to the gym with or a friend that can help with recipes for healthy meals. Just surround yourself with the right people as you embark on this long and fulfilling fitness and diet journey.

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The fitness and diet journey can be difficult but goals that are unrealistic, unhealthy, or even lacking goals themselves will make it worse. The above tips will be your guide on how to set goals that you can achieve and that will also help you change your lifestyle.

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