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My lady, my precious lady, stop dating that man who puts you down. Stop being around a man who makes you feel ugly or incompetent. This man is only using you. He knows there is so much more to you that he wants to keep for himself. He wants to kill your self esteem so that you believe that no other man will ever take you the way you are.

A man who tries to keep you by using these means is a selfish, inconsiderate and undeserving fool. It‘s just very wrong to call someone what they’re not because you’re scared that if someone else sees the gold in them you’ll lose them.

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A true man calls you beautiful. He compliments and reminds you all the time what a piece of art you are. Because he knows what he has. He knows you won’t leave him because he tells you how gorgeous you are everyday. He is loving, and proud of you.

As we celebrate and create awareness for Mental Health during this month of May, it is my desire that you shall define and write down the things that suit you, and pursue them. List down all the things you want to achieve. The field does not matter, it can be a complete mixture of everything that makes you happy. Just write them down and seek to achieve them.

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Be it continuing your education, attending more parties, creating a healthy relationship (or giving it up), finding new love, traveling more, hitting the gym, getting the job of you have always wanted, or even quitting that straining job for your dreams, jot it down. Then embark on a journey that of clearing all the filth from your head.

Start working towards attaining the things that make you happy. Desist from interacting with people who put you down and take you for granted. They don’t deserve you! Make yourself a better person. Practice the things on your list and you will eventually achieve a happier life.

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Why am I encouraging you to do all this? Because the more you feel down, unwanted, lost, sad, burdened, anxious, not enough…. the list is endless. The more you surround yourself with negative energy, is the more your mind will convince you that you are a loser. And when that happens, you’ll never be the same again. Your head will always tell you how terrible you are at everything you do, and you will easily believe it.

Hence, it is important to practice and surround yourself with things that bring you happiness. The more you’ll do this, the better your mental health will be.

And when you have a clear and positive mind, I promise you, much you will achieve.

Let us cut off the things that bring us down because they take us ten steps back. Let us focus on how to do and be better. If we are the problem, let us work on ourselves, if those around us are the problem, we must cut them off.

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We are going to fight to remain positive in whatever we do. We shall give off positive energy to those around us. Because of this, we shall attract like minded individuals who will support, encourage and like us for who we are. We shall improve and maintain a healthy mindset that breeds lasting growth and happiness. So help us God.

Happy Mental Health Awareness May!

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Joy Akatukunda

Joy Akatukunda

Hi, I’m Joy Akatukunda. I’m a lover. My main goal in life is to inspire and empower women become better versions of themselves. I use my talents and skills to share love, knowledge, advice and ideas that transform lives. I’m a writer, singer, and occasional dancer. My talents are a gateway for my own experiences and personality to be seen and heard by the world, hoping that a certain woman will be encouraged and fired up to start her own business, hit the studio, work on her body, leave a toxic relationship or do that one thing she’s forever been afraid to do. I have struggled with these and more, hence I understand the need to inspire someone to make that bold move.

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