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questions to get to know someone

59 Questions To Get To Know Someone Better – Bloom For Her

Many times we meet people who could be potential friends, romantic partners, or even business partners but for the relationship to graduate to any of these stages, you need to know more about the individuals you meet.

When you first meet these people you may not know what to say or ask. In this article I share some questions that you can ask to get to know someone better.

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manifestations of love - the list of love

Manifestations of love – The List Of Love

I recently experienced a heart break. It’s definitely not my first. You’d think it would hurt less, but no, still hurts like every other heart break. But I believe, with each heart break, either comes more coldness, maturity or lessons.

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Love Vs Infatuation — How To Tell The Difference

Many times, people have found themselves in ugly situations due to mistaking an infatuation for love. However much love and infatuation feel alike, they are totally different.
There are thousands of definitions of the word love and none of them is entirely correct or false, because after all, who are we to explain love.

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