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Passion vs Profession – The Story of Joshua Mulwana Muhumuza, an Electrical Engineer Who Plays The Sax For A Living

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There’s nothing more fulfilling than doing a business you enjoy. In today’s business feature, we cover the story of Joshua Mulwana Muhumuza, a twenty-eight year old Electrical Engineer who plays the saxophone for a living.

Mulwana finished his university degree in 2018 and for a couple of years he did not have formal employment. Mulwana did not let this kill his hopes of ever finding a job.

Pirate   Mulwana Muhumuza
Joshua performing at an event

For a long time, he had a deep-rooted passion for music, in fact since he was a child, but never had time for music since school always came first. “It was tough. I loved music but I didn’t know where to start, more so after I graduated university. I tried several hustling ventures but it never felt enough,” he narrated.

After trying out different small businesses for months, he decided to do what his heart desired most. If engineering was not going to work, music would, at least, he hoped.

Joshua Mulwana Muhumuza the saxophonist

His mother gifted him a Saxophone on his graduation day, which was an instrument he wanted to play if he ever decided to chase his dream as a musician. She said, “Go and do what you love.” Mulwana went ahead to enroll into Kampala Music School, where he got professional tutoring.

After months of learning, practicing, and putting in the work, he felt he was ready to hit the stage. Mulwana performed at his first gig in mid 2020 and since then he has never looked back. Fast forward to this day, he has played at more than twenty events and still counting.

When asked why he chose the Saxophone, this is what he had to say. “The Sax is unique. It has a soothing sound and can be applied in many situations. It is a challenging instrument to take on and I love challenges. It teaches me something new each day that goes by, especially the virtue of patience.”

His love for the Saxophone can be felt everywhere he performs. Whatever occasion it is, he’ll perform for you. Be it a birthday, wedding, engagement party, or even an office party. Just give him the song(s) you’d like him to perform and wait to see perfection unwrap itself.

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Today, he makes more money than he ever thought he would make from entertaining people. Mulwana can proudly say that he has chosen music as a career and money making business.

Five years from now, he hopes to be an established Saxophone artist in Uganda and have a family of his own. His advice to the youth who are still struggling to find their path in life is, “make your passion your profession if you want to succeed in life.”

To book Mulwana for your private parties and events, reach him on 0785880259 or 0703764463. You can also send him a message via his social media platforms Twitter @PirateMulwana, Instagram @piratemulwana, and Facebook @PirateMulwana

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