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Day 2: The 28 Day Workout Challenge – The Hunger Games

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Today was filled with a lot of mixed emotions for me, but of course, about my team. I felt sad seeing them adopt new behavior, that is giving them a rough time. And at the same time happy because they are following along the plan. The challenge is changing a lot of things in their lives.

Hezekiah said his family is thinking he caught HIV/AIDS(my oh my, I couldn’t help but laugh). He also kept talking about how he couldn’t stop feeling hungry, well everyone else is feeling hungry for the most time of the day too. Their biggest misery point is being famished throughout the day. My diet plan isn’t taking it easy on them(sighs), but it has to be followed.

After lunch time, Lizzy said she had had five carrots but was still hungry. Hezekiah had eaten two clusters of bananas(what), but he was still hungry. Even the others are struggling with the hunger that just won’t go away. Let me explain.

I’m actual sense, the food on our diet plan should be enough for any human being, but it’s their bodies. The human body is a system, and it could take time to process some things. Their brains and stomachs still can’t believe that the ungrateful humans they sustain are under feeding them.

It might take time for their bodies to process new changes in their bodies but when they do, it will be easy. They might have small meals and not even feel hungry, as they do now. I believe they’re going to get there, and they are going to be just fine.

Workout Report

I did 16 exercises in 14:01 minutes and lost 325 calories.

These are the exercises in their order;

1. High stepping 30s

2. Jumping jacks 30s

3. Heel touch x14

4. Bird dog x12

5. Reverse crunches x12

6. Leg raises x12

7. Plank 30s

8. Butt kicks 30s

9. Heel touch x12

10. Bird dog x10

11. Reverse crunches x10

12. Leg raise x10

13. Cobra stretch 30s

14. Child’s pose 30s

15. Lying twist stretch left 30s

16. Lying twist stretch right 30s

Our diet plan included:

⁃ Two glasses of lukewarm lemon/turmeric water before breakfast

⁃ Breakfast: Oatmeal + fruit of choice

⁃ Lunch: Avocado + onions + tomatoes sandwich (using brown salt bread)

⁃ Dinner: 2 bananas + glass of lukewarm water

⁃ Team members are encouraged to eat a fruit between meals if they feel super hungry

⁃ Taking a glass of water every two hours

And that’s it for day 2. Follow the hashtag #28dayworkoutchallenge if you want more details about the challenge.

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