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Why It Is Important To Have A Regular Exercising Schedule

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It is easy to create schedules and routines for many things in our lives but so many of us find it difficult or just don’t see the need of creating a regular schedule when it comes to exercising. Setting fitness goals is not enough you need to put in place steps and systems that are going to enable you to realize your goals. Are you doubting the importance of a regular exercise schedule? Here are a few reasons why having one is exactly the change you need to make to your fitness journey?

Encourages Commitment

It’s easier to become more committed to goals or habits that you want to build if you have systems in place that keep you accountable. Having a schedule that specifies what workout you are doing, on what day, for how long, and for what reason helps view your fitness goals as an obligation to yourself and this enabling you to take them seriously.

Enables you to track your progress.

Just like how you have key performance indicators at work it’s important that you have ways of tracking your performance and progress and a schedule can help you do this. You need to know if you are moving toward your goals or going astray for example if on Mondays you do strength exercises such as 20  press-ups and after two months you can now do them easily after doing them with a lot of difficulty at the start or now you can do 40 instead of 20. This makes you realize that you are making progress in regards to increasing your strength. Tracking progress also helps make adjustments where you need to so that you can achieve your goals.

It helps you build consistency.

Lack of a regular exercise schedule makes procrastination easier. Once you have a schedule it’s easier to make exercise a habit. Most times, the decision to procrastinate happens within that window when you are deciding what exercise to do for the day and it’s quite easy to decide not to do anything at all. But with a schedule, you eliminate that window and so it will be easier to be consistent.

It keeps your workouts balanced.

A regular workout schedule helps you keep your workouts balanced. It’s quite easy to get stuck doing the same workouts probably because they are familiar and easy. But with a workout schedule, you can assign different workouts for different days so that you do not do the same ones over and over again and your workouts can be wholesome.

It helps you incorporate rest days

Rest days are an important part of your fitness journey. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to achieve your fitness goals that you forget that rest is just as important. Your muscles need to recover and repair and it also helps you recharge mentally as well because working requires mental strength.

 It helps you to make your workouts fun

Working out is not the most fun thing but you can make an effort to make it fun. Having a workout schedule helps you to make sure you achieve fitness goals while incorporating fun activities and routines so that you enjoy your fitness journey.


Having structure is usually what stands between you and your fitness goals so make that schedule today and turn your dreams into a reality,

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