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Why meal planning is important

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Meal planning is deciding and preparing your meals in advance right from grocery shopping to cooking them and then storing them for when you want to eat. Meal planning has become very popular over the years as an important practice that can help people to live a healthier and easier lifestyle and here are some of the reasons why.

It helps you eat healthy

Meal planning is a practice that helps you be very intentional about eating healthy. This is because meal planning starts right from shopping for groceries. So for example if you know you want to eat more vegetables and decide to meal plan, when shopping you will make sure to get more vegetables, you will look up recipes for healthy foods that include vegetables, you will buy vegetables that you can have as snacks and this will help to eat healthy.


It enables you to add variety to your diet.

Meal planning helps you add variety to your diet because instead of eating the same meals day in and day out because you are busy and they are faster or easier to make, you can Instead prepare a variety of meals in advance and store them for when you want to eat. Increasing the variety of your meals will help you make sure you are getting as many nutrients from your meals as possible. 

It teaches you how to portion control

If you wish to monitor your portions, meal planning can help you do just that. This is because you prepare your food in advance and so you can measure the portions in advance and make a conscious decision of how much you are going to eat. This will enable you to eat portions that are appropriate for your health and body metabolism. 

It helps you save money.

Meal planning is a very intentional practice. Each meal is planned right from grocery shopping to cooking and storage. That means that you will only buy groceries you need, cook food only the quantity you intend to eat, and also cook food that will not go bad easily. This prevents you from buying food you will not eat and having it go bad hence wasting money.

It saves time.

Since all activities from shopping to cooking are done in advance, meal planning helps you save time. Most of us actually eat unhealthy meals because they are easier to buy since they come already made and we are so busy we will do anything to save that extra time used to prepare a meal that would have been healthier from scratch every day. With meal planning, you can save time and also save your health by preparing healthy balanced meals a few days in advance. It’s a win-win situation.


Meal planning is surely one of those practices that can not only help you save money and time but most importantly your health. It is a life-changing habit to adopt. 

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